Chain O' Lakes Campground Eagle River Wisconsin


Check out the Facilities Chain O' Lakes Campground Offers!

The Boat Launch

Chain O' Lakes Campground -- the boat launch and landinghe

Bringing your own boat and want to get it on the water? No worries, Chain O’ Lakes Campground has its own boat launch and landing.  This gets you onto 11,000+ acres of water.

The Swimming Pool

While Chain O’ Lakes Campground offers you access to 11,000+ acres of pristine water in which to swim, our swimming pool makes swimming easy.

On those hot July days Chain O’ Lakes Campground makes a refreshing swim easy!

Chain O' Lakes Campground -- photo of the swimming pool

The Hall

Chain O' Lakes Campground -- the hall

Want to host a large party at Chain O’ Lakes Campground? Inquire about our pavilion so you can party on rain or shine!

The Playground

You wan to relax and the children are full of energy and bored. What to do? Send them to our playground. We have sandpits, swings, slides, and all of the thing imaginative children need to keep themselves occupied. The end result we hope are children who are ready for bed at the end of the day!

Chain O' Lakes Campground -- the playground against a backdrop of trees and a lake.

Coin Operated Laundry

Chain O' Lakes Campground -- washing machines

In the same building as the Camp Store are coin operated washing and dryers.

Public Restrooms and Showers

In the same building as the store, the offices, and the laundry facilities you will find clean bathrooms and showers. These facilities are available all day and night long, except for brief closures for cleaning.