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Sparks YOUR Stories and the News

Sparks and Your Story

Chain O’ Lakes Campground is introducing some new features to the website this season. The most exciting new feature is we will allow you to submit your stories and photographs for publication on the site. You can then share those stories and images with your friends and family! To submit your story and photos use this page. We call this new section Sparks.

Please understand and follow the below guidelines:

  1. All submissions will be reviewed and edited prior publication
  2. All submissions must be suitable for a general audience
  3. Chain O’ Lakes Campground may edit and alter photos and stories for suitability and content
  4. By submitting a photo or story you give Chain O’ Lakes Campground permission to use your story and photos. Chain O’ Lakes will only use the story and images on this site
  5. By submitting a photo or story you acknowledge you have the right to do so (that is, the image or story belongs to you and no one else)
  6. If Chain O’ Lakes Campground wishes to use your submissions for any other use, we will seek your consent to do so
  7. Chain O’ Lakes Campground retains final judgement on what content is suitable for publication and may remove content at its will

We hope you will provide your tales and photos of family fun and enjoy all of the stories too!

Sparks and The News

Sparks is also the place you can come to review Chain O’ Lakes Campground News. What can you expect in The News? Many things such as announcements pertaining to the opening and closing of the campground. Expect news around fishing action, local events, health announcements (yes, sad to say COVID19 is still a thing), closings, openings, etc.

We hope you enjoy the new features and am anxiously awaiting to read and see YOUR STORY!


Chain O' Lakes Camping Resort
Eagle River Wisconsin
is Now Closed for 2022.

Get Excited for the 2023 season!

Thank you for another fantastic camping season. We hope that you have a wonderful winter and spring. We look forward to seeing you again next season.  

The Felesena Family (Marty, Jeanne, Sydney, Mykala, Dane, Kyndra & Aden)

Please RESERVE YOUR SPOT FOR 2023 under the pines.