Chain O' Lakes Campground Eagle River Wisconsin


The Pinnacle of Chain O Lakes Luxury

Chain O' Lakes Campground Eagle River Wisconsin view of the condominium's living room.Roughing it at the Chain O’ Lakes Condominium is completely optional. You miss nothing in the condominium and get it all. Wake up in a cozy bed and porch covered water view is only a few steps away. Imagine watching the sunrise with your coffee while watching the woods come to life!

The condominium has all one would expect. A large screen TV, a couch, an easy chair, a dining table, a full kitchen, a full (and private) bathroom, two bedrooms, and a loft. This ideal if you want it all!

The condominium also has the features you expect from Chain O’ Lakes Campground! Views of the water, trees, a fire-pit, and all of the other amenities we offer. Whether you want to watch the game or the sparks the choice is yours with the condominium.

Chain O' Lakes Campground Eagle River Wisconsin view of the condominium's kitchenIn addition, to the living room you have a fully furnished kitchen. This includes an oven, a sink, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffee maker. Also included is a bar you can sit around to drink your coffee if the weather is not good enough to drink it on the deck!

There is no need to worry about your meals when you stay at the condominium. Whether your bring your own groceries or purchase them from one of the local grocery stores (or catch it on the water), the condominium has all you need to prepare and server your meals.

Chain O' Lakes Campground Eagle River Wisconsin the condominium bedroom with access to the deckYou had a busy day, went grocery shopping, went fishing, caught a mess of fish, cleaned up said mess of fish, and cooked a big meal for you and the family. Then you sat outside with friends and family watching the fire. In other words a full day. What is next? Of course bedtime.

The condominium has cozy bedrooms with one of them having a patio door with deck access. Imagine you are only steps away from the deck on waking (unfortunately there is no coffee maker in the bedroom, you will need to go to the kitchen for that). Get a full night’s sleep and then step outside with your coffee to watch the campground and the day come alive.

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    Chain O’ Lakes Campground will open for 2021 camping on April 30, 2021. Of course, weather and conditions permitting. Please check again to confirm we will indeed be open.

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