Hummingbird Facts

June 17, 2015

When camping at the Chain O’ Lakes campground we have many wild companions also living at and visiting the campground with us. One such visitor many of us like to watch is the ruby throated hummingbird! The hummingbird with its ability to hover stationary in mid-air are fascinating birds. The vibrant colors of the males makes them an attractive sight to see. What do you know about the hummingbird? Hummingbird Facts — Migration Like many birds a hummingbird migrates south for the winter and returns for the summer months. They leave our region in the early fall and head for Central America. Hard to believe, but some of the hummers will overfly the Gulf of Mexico! Think about that, those teeny birds that seemingly feed four or five times per hour flying over that barren large body of water! I would guess they are mighty hungry by the time they finish! The hummers return to the in Chain O’ Lakes campground the same time you are returning to the Chain O’ Lakes campground! So as