Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Chain O’ Lakes and answers to common questions.

The Peak Season at Chain O’ Lakes is When?

The peak season starts Memorial Day weekend and ends on and includes Labor day.

How About the Off-Peak Season, When is That?

The off-peak season starts when the Chain O’ Lakes Campground opens and ends on Memorial Day weekend. The off-peak season resumes the Tuesday after Labor Day and lasts through the close of the campground.

When is Chain O’ Lakes Open?

Chain O’ Lakes Campground opens on May 1 and closes on the first Monday of October.

May I make a reservation online?

You may make a reservation request online, all such requests are subject to availability. Start the reservation request by filling out this form.

How far is the city of Eagle River?

According to Google Maps Eagle River downtown is about 7 miles away and a 13 minute drive.

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